Teeth whitening home kit




Results are now whiter than previously achieved by conventional teeth whitening gels. The stains will be whitened, teeth will be noticeably whiter after first use. Crystal Smile teeth whitening gel is a revolutionary peroxide free formula for a safe and effective whitening process. The peroxide free whitening gel provides a gentle whitening treatment that doesn’t damage tooth enamel or cause sensitivity. These gels are used in dental practices worldwide. Unlike other cheap products made in China which can damage teeth and gums, these Gels are of a high quality giving a safe and efficient whitening process.

The product can be used either as a full whitening treatment or as aftercare topping up the whiteness of your teeth as and when you feel the need. For the full treatment, use the gel for consecutive days until desired results are achieved. Once the level of whiteness has been achieved use an application once every 3-4 weeks to maintain the level of whiteness. None of our Products are tested on animals.

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